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*NEW! Compact Multifunction Red Dot Gun Sight
Description: What if a weapon could communicate a safety warning just as the shooter is asking whether to take the shot? This compelling patent by Cubic Corporation teaches a multifunction gun sight which provides clear and wide field red dot aiming for the shooter while detecting non-visible target zone signals capable of warning the shooter if another law enforcement officer or fellow hunter is located within the target zone. Real world targets and perceived threats are often transient and/or visually obstructed, or both, sometimes making accurate identification a challenge for every law enforcement officer and even many hunters. The tragic outcome can be an accidental shooting death. This compelling invention combines optical and electronic technology to help make firearms safer for everyone.
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Drywall Repair Tool *Private Brand Opportunity!*
Description: DrywallInventor Wally Trudeau created this new tool to make correctly fixing a hole in the wall a breeze. His patented drywall drill removes just the right amount of damaged material to leave a tapered hole. A perfectly matched repair plug fills the hole, leaving the wall ready for skim coating with drywall mud, light sanding, and painting. A thin tape ring to prevent hairline cracks over time is optional, but constitutes the "best practice" when using certain standard mud products or making repairs in high noise/low frequency vibration environments, unheated garages, humid areas, and other high stress applications. The patented process eliminates the ugly raised surface typical of outdated screen, patch, or tape style repair solutions. This new technology is expected to replace over 50 percent of the market for older technology patch kits within 2-3 years. Without using any tape or mesh, a force of over 50 pounds is required to pop an...
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*NEW! Level III Biometric Access Control (PIV)
Description: Physical security in a post 9-11 world leaves little room for error, and "real" security begins with two factor, biometric authentication systems. Before the lock can open, not only is a valid card or token required, the card or token holder must authenticate using a biometric identifier. It may sound simple, but when a facility has several doors and/or gates used by a high number of authorized visitors, all under the control of a central computer, the system risks getting bogged down. A crash or network intrusion can even become catastrophic. Mass transit security leader Cubic Corporation's patent number 7,376,839 addresses these risks and relates to smart card biometric access control unique to each card holder. Lost, loaned, or stolen cards are useless because every card uses unique, secure biometric information. The May 4, 2001 priority date helps make this patent one if the earliest and broadest patents addressing...
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Download Patent No. US 7,376,839 (.pdf)

*HOT! Spatula for Cylindrical Containers Call today!*
Description: SpatulaThe N-Vent patented spatula for cylindrical containers, invented by Bob Goldsberry, is worth its weight in gold by conserving expensive materials and reducing environmental impact (and disposal costs). A production reference design has proven its value in a local market and stands ready for a successful producer to scale production to serve a larger base of available, high margin global markets.
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Download Patent No. US 7,603,740 (.pdf)

Point of Care Flow Cytometry
Description: Flow cytometry companies are committed to downsizing their devices for point-of-care use, opening a new world medicine, including visionary instant CBC (white cell count) devices and post-pCR oncology monitoring. The economics of these new devices are dramatic, reducing he need for preventive medications sometimes costing tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat a single patient. This strategic patent portfolio anticipates next generation products which may be miniaturized while delivering high content analysis, enabling 100-200 channels in an envelope of only a few cubic inches, or, in the alternative, customized devices for specific indications, even including disposable micro-fluidic cartridges. As the use of integrated optical components enables the next generation of instruments, AmiCOUR and its client are prepared to deliver technical "know-how" to help the successful bidder commercialize these high value patents.
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*HOT! Sink Magic® Kitchen Product Call today!*
Description: Sink MagicWe aren't going to promise Sink Magic will make washing the dishes fun, but this remarkable new product makes the chore much easier, saving time, water, and energy. Sink Magic is a ready for market product seeking a partner licensee who can successfully address world market opportunities for this home run consumer product. This easily affordable, patent pending kitchen "gadget" acts as a simple drain stop to let consumers (or professional food service workers) soak and wash dishes, cups, pots, pans, or utensils using a convenient and automatic water bypass.
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*HOT! Streaming Video with Map Overlay
Description: Viewing video of an event or geographical area through mobile imaging equipment is essential to military, law enforcement, and emergency rescue operations; unfortunately, precisely determining the physical location of the transmitted scene can be very difficult. Video cameras are now so commonplace the transport vehicle is liable to be almost anything, from an airborne delivery drone to an automobile, a skier, or, more recently, perhaps just an ordinary pedestrian. Regardless of what "vehicle" transports the camera, identifying streets, addresses, or landmarks within the video is usually challenging to remote viewers. The simple solution is display annotation, including but not limited to, electronic overlay of map information right on screen, eye display, or electronic view finder. This technology is here now, and bound to become even more commonplace. These early patents teach system integrators how to accurately place easily...
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Energy Harvesting from Water Waves Call today!*
Description: This advanced hydrokinetic technology harnesses energy from wave crests and troughs using an optimized float design combined with computerized hydraulics to position an array of floats across the water surface, allowing for greater energy absorption. A more traditional hydraulic fluid power system collects energy from the individual yet powerful waves to drive a hydraulic motor capable of powering an electrical generator.
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Download Patent No. US 8,035,243 (.pdf)

*Special Opportunity! Wrist Protection Snowboarding Glove
Description: Wrist fractures seem to come with the territory when it comes to the popular sport of snowboarding, but wrist protection within the glove is helping to reduce injuries. This patent is attractive as a defensive patent or to generate new revenue streams through licensing. The patent claims a snowboarding glove with integral wrist protection.
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Download Patent No. US 5,537692 (.pdf)

*Special Opportunity! Sports Betting Excitement
Description: This patent relates to novel sports gambling similar to parlay betting where a single wager may be placed on multiple games. Instead of attempting to select winners in each of two or more sports games in a traditional parlay, the wager is based on combined point spreads of all the teams and selected games. This patent addresses making combination bets on “over/under” game outcomes and a method for adjusting differing money lines on sports bets.
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Download Patent No. US 6,126,543 (.pdf)