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Past Monthly Issues of the AmiCOUR IP Blog.

December 2011
Starting Up the Startup Act: JIT for CES
Amazon's Killer App: Shop Till They Drop

November 2011
AA Delay: Stuck in Bankruptcy Court
On Fire? Personal Audio LLC Accuses New Kindle Fire  of Patent Infringement
Pass the Hat: Air Carrier Holds Up Its Passengers for a Fill Up
Fountain of Youth: Cell Senescence Patent Applications Are Old News

October 2011
Allen's Journey: Gas Guzzling SUV Meets Allen's Solar Cells

September 2011
Billion Dollar Haircut: Federal Judge Says Award Is "Grossly Excessive"
Judicial Java Request: Judge Calls On Expert In Oracle v. Google
Pile 'Em On: HTC Files, Then Amends New Suit Against Apple
Patent Reform Deadline: Busy Week for Process Servers
Crossing T's, Dotting I's: Obama Signs
Internet Black Hat: Google Anti-trust Hearings Include Bias Accusations

August 2011
Windcharmer Energy: Portable Wind Generator for Disaster Relief

July 2011
Settlement Pressure: Oracle May Depose Google CEO Larry Page
"Creepy" Google Whining: "...suits are meritless works of companies that can't innovate."
It's a Done Deal: $4.5 Billion Buys Nortel Pats

June 2011
Justice Sotomayor: "We hold that it does."
More Arbitrouble: Competitive Technologies v. American Arbitration

New DOL Stats: Suspicious Tarmac Delays Have Vanished
Stanford v. Roche:
The Justices Side with Roche

May 2011
Light Emitting Diodes: 100W Equivalent Bulbs
Arbitrouble: Supreme Court Blocks Class Action When Barred by Arbitration Clauses
Settlement Talks: Comentis v. Purdue Research Foundation IP Fraud  Lawsuit

April 2011
Walker Digital v. Apple, Google, Microsoft...
Blogger Trolls: Arianna  to  Court
Green Flag: Apple Accessory Case Proceeds
COBRA Birthday: Labor Invention Hits 25 Years Old
INVENTainment: Minute Videos Mark History of Invention
Named Case of the Year: Microsoft v. i4i
Bet a Billion? Opening Nortel Bid
Nature Takes its Course: Farmers Sue Monsanto

March 2011
Google Books Settlement Rejected by Judge
US Government Intervenes: Amicus Curiae Filings By i4i Supporters
Annoyed by a Website? Un-Google It
Stuck in he Cloud? Gmail Backup Tapes & Endless Criticism

February 2011
Lightning Strikes: False Marking Trolls Ruled Unconstitutional

January 2011
CoMentis v. PRF Judge: "I agree with CoMentis" "I disagree - ..."
Stock Plunge: ITC Rules Against Kodak plus 95% Profit Drop
Smokin' Lawsuits: Chinese Will Accuse US of Patent Knockoffs
CES 2011: Something's Missing
25 Percent Rule: Junk Science?   

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