AmiCOUR IP List of Intellectual Property Links

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Patent Research
   Patent and Published Application Copies:
   Google Patents
   USPTO Number Lookup
   Assignment Records:
   USPTO Search Patent Assignments
   File Histories:
   USPTO Public PAIR

   USPTO Trademark Search Forms
USPTO Search Trademark Assignments

Legal Research

   Case Lookup and Filings:
   PACER (Note: Nominal Cost Per Page)
   International Trade Commission Pending Investigations
   International Trade Commission 337 Investigations
   Case Law Citations and Case Lookup:
   Google Scholar
   LexisONE Free Case Law
   Code Lookup, Civil Procedure, and Rules of Evidence:
   Cornell University Law School US Code Collection

Company/Licensing Candidate Research
   SEC Company Filings
   Yahoo Finance

Product Lookup and Market Research
   Electronics FCC Equipment Authorization Search
   FDA Device Approval Lookup
   FDA Orange Book Drug Approvals & Patents
   US Department of Commerce
   Google Search Trends (Keyword Activity Over Time)  

Industry Organizations
   Licensing Executives Society
   Association of University Technology Managers
   Intellectual Property Owners Association
   American Intellectual Property Law Association
   American Institute of Certified Public Accoutants
   American Bar Association

Patent Attorney/Agent Lookups
   USPTO Patent Attorney/Agent Search
   Martindale Hubbell