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by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
Ray I. Throckmorton, CPA
IAM Magazine


Our Roots Are in Technology Transfer
AmiCOUR IP was founded by technology transfer professionals. Our team members helped  commercialize fiber optics, retailers sell our licensed products, and  our work started some of today's successful companies. Our founders developed better tools for technology transfer professionals and published whitepapers on effective portfolio mining. At AmiCOUR IP, our new mission includes helping you realize the full value hidden within your IP assets.

Custom IAM Tools for Patent Owners
In early 2010, AmiCOUR IP launched a new technology transfer product called TsquaredP. Our unique design places the essential IP asset management tools at your fingertips. This approach is  particularly useful if you are responsible for managing a comprehensive and diverse patent portfolio. We've been there.

TsquaredP includes a user interface designed to become your everyday Technology Transfer Portal. You decide what information you need to see and where you want that information to appear on the dashboard. Just for starters, TsquaredP lets you  access patent evaluations, research licensing candidates, find similar technologies, access markets, and instantly communicate with technology experts, legal professionals, and advisors. We invite you to read our TsquaredP Blueprint today. If you manage a large IP portfolio for a university, government laboratory, or corporation, give us a call.  View the demo and watch the construction of the AmiCOUR IP TsquaredP Portal.

AmiCOUR IP Licensing Services
AmiCOUR IP licensing professionals and partners assist corporations, research institutions, and individual research professionals with technology transfer. In a handful of cases, this may include structuring an entity to help your technology grow in value. For others, it may include full sale and assignment of patent(s) or simply negotiating the right license terms. Our initial confidential consultations are without obligation.  We look forward to discussing the possibilities.

AmiCOUR IP Acquires Strategic Patents
We discretely acquire strategic patents for private clients. If you need assistance, AmiCOUR IP Group can facilitate your transaction. If you are selling patents, please send the patent number(s) and related information for review and consideration.  We have interested private buyers waiting to hear from you.