AmiCOUR IP Group Brokering and Licensing

Obtaining Top Dollar From Your IP Asset Sale

When it comes to getting the full market value for your IP assets, AmiCOUR IP Group's brokerage team should be your first choice. We know each patent or portfolio is unique, so when we accept a new brokering client, we work on a customized basis to provide every possible chance of success. We're prepared to help you monetize your intellectual property assets for the highest amount possible. AmiCOUR delivers one of the most experienced and highly credentialed teams backed by the most sophisticated proprietary management information systems in the business.

Following our full due diligence process and acceptance, we begin with our "Research 1" candidate identification process. Our research specialists begin with access to a database with nearly 80,000 industry contacts. They also use sophisticated and proprietary software to help them explore markets, industry participants, investors, government regulatory databases (containing product approvals and registration/regulatory information), product literature, web pages, trade show information, news reports, patent citations, similar art, and other useful sources of information to identify candidate buyers or potential licensing candidates. When our Research 1 team completes its work, our brokers often begin their job with a custom database containing 500 or more pre-qualified sales leads.

For every new project, our publications department also moves into action preparing non-confidential sales information on the IP offer, including one or more single page sale announcement flyers, basic cover letter structure and IP "talking points," web site content, and a press release. Our experts may also prepare a formal prospectus, often including evidence of use. For some IP, our prototype shop produces working "demonstration validation" prototypes and reference design/supplier data. AmiCOUR IP Group is unique among patent brokers in offering this compelling capability, which can prove essential to selling patent rights in certain industries or for commercialization of new product ideas.

With sales materials in hand and an operational database of qualified candidates, our brokering and licensing professionals move into action, making contact via email, US Mail, and telephone. As market interest develops, we always keep our clients informed of our progress; and, of course, when offers are received, we invite our client directly into the negotiation and decision making process. The AmiCOUR IP Group brokering team is the industry's best equipped and most qualified. The proof is in our track records and industry recognition of our IP professionals. Give us a call today at 765-807-2480 to discuss your monetization objectives.

AmiCOUR IP Group Accepts Pending Art

AmiCOUR IP Group is one of the few firms recognized for successfully representing pending patents and new technology disclosures. This class of intellectual property is typically monetized through "carrot licensing," typically more challenging than the more common "stick licensing," approach using the threat of infringement litigation (or actual litigation) to compel a license from a producer already known to be in need a license. In rare cases, brand new inventions seldom have infringers unless the idea has been shared with or leaked to the pirating entity.  AmiCOUR even has facilities to help build marketable prototypes and models to present your new patent pending idea to qualified industry leaders. At AmiCOUR IP Group, we believe pre-grant patent applications have real value; in fact, many of the world's most compelling inventions were commercialized long in advance of the USPTO patent grant. We argued our belief related to the value of pre-grant art successfully in our amicus brief in the high profile MS v. i4i case submitted to the US Supreme Court. The Court agreed, giving i4i an 8-0 victory.

Partner Brokerage Firms
and Patent

AmiCOUR IP Group is widely recognized by law firms and fellow brokers who team with us to help their clients sell IP assets quickly for full market value.  Likewise, on occasion we work with recognized buy and sell side brokerage firms to help sell our clients' patents.