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Royalty Audit Checklist
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Royalty Audit Checklist
by Ray Throckmorton, CPA
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We Help You Discover the Value in Your Patents
AmiCOUR IP Group was founded by "hands on" IP  professionals who have managed large portfolios, directed complex litigation, served as expert witnesses, and negotiated IP licenses worldwide. Our consultants  help clients discover and monetize the full value of their intellectual property. Every AmiCOUR professional is holds at least one advanced degree. Our experts also hold the CLP or "Certified Licensing Professional" credential or, in the alternative, the CPA or "Certified Public Accountant" credential. Our CEO is included on the "iam300" listing of "The World's Leading IP Strategists."

AmiCOUR IP Evaluation and Valuation
In 2007, AmiCOUR's intellectual property management experts pioneered the world's first adaptive and weighted patent scoring model. AmiSCORE remains as the most sophisticated and predictive patent scoring system available. Our software compares 14 important patent measurements with the scores derived from similar patents with known outcomes in litigation, auction sales, investment, and as part of larger IP portfolios. AmiCOUR's unique algorithm processes 10 subjective expert scores and 4 objective or "computerized" scores. Like other scoring products, our approach had its original roots in the 1990's University Patents methodologies for selecting technology transfer candidates; however, as more data on patent outcomes became available, AmiCOUR performed the necessary research to develop an accurate weighting system. When the computerized analysis is complete, AmiSCORE's easily understandable report page answers two important IP management questions: "How is this patent going to be used, and, for each possible use, how well will it perform in that role?" AmiSCORE is fast, easy, and, most important of all, accurate.

IP Litigation Strategy and Management
AmiCOUR IP developed a groundbreaking new program in 2010 to help clients evaluate, plan, and execute assertion based licensing projects. When disputes require effective litigation, we work with our partner base of premier law firms and proven expert service providers to structure and manage affordable cases. Uniquely, AmiCOUR IP helps build litigation teams for smaller and mid-sized cases traditionally underserved by IP "mega-firms." Before you decide that litigation is unaffordable as a tool to protect your patent rights, call AmiCOUR IP for a free consultation. We'll help you identify affordable counsel and effective litigation team resources. Call today to learn how AmiCOUR IP helps to make protecting your IP rights affordable.

Fairness Opinions and Transaction Advise
We understand why our clients may need a third party fairness opinion when buying or selling IP assets, entering into IP related transactions, or pursuing other commercialization or monetization activities. Our experience and credentials make AmiCOUR your most reliable choice for fairness opinions, transaction and dispute resolution consulting, and IP valuation services.

AmiCOUR IP Brokering Services
Many of our clients prefer to sell their patents, exchanging full assignment for cash which can be used to fund other development or grow the strategic areas of their businesses. We are proud to claim one of the industry's highest brokerage success rates; however, we screen candidate patent portfolios carefully before offering them to our family qualified buyers. AmiCOUR is unique among brokers in its willingness to explore representing pending art. Our experts demonstrated how many of the world's most important inventions were commercialized long before the USPTO granted patent protection. We also demonstrated to relationship between the administrative agency grant of patent rights and real economic value as part of our amicus brief before the United States Supreme Court in MS v. i4i Limited Partnership. If you own potentially valuable IP and would like to explore how our brokering services, we invite you to contact us for a free evaluation and terms discussion.

AmiCOUR IP Leads the Industry in IP Tools
Our 2010 unveiling of TsquaredP Technology Transfer Portal software introduced a new IP "workspace" concept to leading IAM's. Our TsquaredP "Blueprint" explains this all inclusive IP portal and how our software lets users place information, resources, and IP tools exactly where they want them on a programmable digital dashboard. TsquaredP takes portfolio management to the next level, expanding every professional's capacity to manage hundreds or even thousands of patents efficiently.

AmiCOUR's premier "trilogy collection" of IP management software tools includes AmiSCORE, sciRAPTOR, and AmiCALC. In addition to our most popular AmiSCORE patent scoring software, we developed the renowned and widely imitated sciRAPTOR automated keyword generation and search technology. Each time a competitor attempts to imitate our original sciRAPTOR algorythm, including the Internet's controversial "prior art" search button, we benchmark the imitation against the original version. To date, we have not found a better or more effective product than sciRAPTOR. Best of all, sciRAPTOR is often available free to qualified IP professionals and every AmiCOUR client.

Last but not least, our AmiCALC software uses statistical data and analysis to evaluate possible litigation outcomes. Before you convince yourself that patent litigation is a viable financial decision, we recommend you do the math - or better yet, let AmiCALC do it for you. If you have been served a claim alleging infringement, AmiCALC can help you determine analytically when or whether to consider settlement. This software guides you through the steps to help compute your exposure levels. Either way, and regardless of what your IP need might be, our intellectual property professionals are ready to help you discover and protect the value locked in your patents.