AmiCOUR IP Group Manufacturing Services and Commercialization Resources

Premier Manufacturing and Commercialization Resources

AmiCOUR IP Group provides experienced laison services to help clients establish reliable and cost effective design and  manufacturing resources for promising new technologies:

  • We match needs with world wide manufacturing capabilities.
  • Our professionals have experience establishing and assuring compliance with appropriate quality conformance requirements.
  • Cost management using preferred manufacturers and proven methodologies can typically save 15 - 20 percent in total delivered product costs.

Examples of typical commercialization and manufacturing management services include:

  • Negotiating comprehensive manufacturing agreements including but not limited to supplier agreements, licenses for the intellectual property, and any marketing/brand/distribution licenses.
  • Manufacturing and design milestone tracking with first article conformance checking and regulatory approvals. Remember, your name, reputation, and success are tied to your manufacturer's commitment and ability to meet all requirements without exception.
  • Checklist review of relevant cost factors against targets, including BOM pricing and process flow analysis. We understand how products are designed and manufactured to meet cost, quality, and reliability targets.

AmiCOUR IP Group Manufacturing Services

Our professionals will identify and interface with candidate subcontractors equipped to meet your manufacturing needs.  We examine capabilities and follow checklists to assure that candidates will be able to properly perform all manufacturing services, including special requirements unique to your advanced technology.

China, Taiwan, and Korea

We provide manufacturing consulting services to support various manufacturing needs including consumer electronics, mechanical metal parts, prototyping, mass production and assembly.    We identify and work with various manufacturing partners in Asia to help reduce manufacturing process costs.

Europe and South America

AmiCOUR IP professionals understand manufacturing in Europe and South America where our resources include manufacture of food and beverage products, mechanical systems, vehicles of all types and sizes, aircraft, and many types of consumer products.

Offset and Countertrade Services

  • Identification of product candidates for technology transfer and establishment of offset manufacturing source(s).
  • US Market evaluation to assure that candidate products will meet offset financial targets.
  • Negotiation, licensing, and ongoing reporting after program implementation.