AmiCOUR IP Group Engineering and Laboratory Resources

Credibility You Can Count On

AmiCOUR IP provides engineering fact finding for litigation and strategic decision making.  Our investigations range from documenting simple claim elements to complex engineering discovery, including:

  • Capturing and annotating a jury ready photograph.
  • Circuit extraction while photographing and identifying every element and interconnection.
  • Developing a sophisticated process using focused ion beam technology to probe a working IC.
  • Code analysis to identify the lines relevant to a claim.

Examples of our technical research include:

  • Technical research to identify authorities in support expert reports.
  • Searches of published product literature including brochures, user guides, repair manuals, etc., and identification of all publication sources for each one.
  • Research to identify licensing candidates and affiliates making and using licensed products.

AmiCOUR IP Engineering Reports

Readers will more easily understand and "see" the material technical elements of an Engineering Report.  In many cases, our work serves as a settlement instrument capable of quickly determining the need for a license, or in a defensive action, the end to a meritless infringement claim.

Defensive Services

AmiCOUR IP supports commonly discovered affirmative defenses in infringement complaint matters, including invalidity studies and objective laboratory investigations to demonstrate non-infringement.  We also advise on the best approach to presenting damages in contract dispute, patent, and trademark cases.

Other defensive engineering products include:

  • Comprehensive invalidity search including oral interviews and networking.
  • Expert examination of discovery evidence to identify potential weak areas or engineering inconsistencies.
  • Identification and acquisition of candidate patents for counterclaims or cross licensing.