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Royalty Audit Checklist
by  Ray Throckmorton, CPA

Royalty Audit Checklist
by Ray Throckmorton, CPA
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by AmiCOUR IP Group

Key Points to Remember About Royalty Auditing
by AmiCOUR IP Group


Inaccurate royalty reporting can starve IP centric companies of their own earned revenue and deprive institutions of important research funds. We've found that 80% to 90% of the licensees we audit have reported royalties incorrectly. Underpayments are sometimes discovered to range from 10 to 25% of the amount received.

AmiCOUR has identified the elements leading to royalty  underreporting including sometimes ignoring the need to identify and track new licensed products, revised product codes, incorrect pricing, deliberate royalty avoidance, and, all to commonly, simple personnel changes.

Licensees seldom account for royalties with the same care and attention given to other areas of their business. Even companies claiming full Sarbanes-Oxley compliance miss important license revenue obligations.  In addition, traditional financial auditors simply aren't in tune with the special requirements and sensitivities of royalty audits, particularly if the license resulted from previous litigation, or if the licensed products are highly technical.

Let our team demonstrate its capability to identify and recover your earned but underreported royalties. On occasion, initiation and notice of an audit causes licensees to make past due payments. At AmiCOUR, we believe our responsibility is to you, our client, and therefore we work diligently  to discover unpaid royalties even when the governing accounting procedures and statistical testing results appear, upon initial examination, to be in order.

AmiCOUR royalty auditing and revenue recovery services span the globe. There is never a charge for our initial confidential consultation and we may offer a preliminary no-fee limited examination of your records to help you determine whether an audit is indicated. Call AmiCOUR today to learn more about royalty auditing options to help you assure that your IP licenses are receiving all they have earned.                                                                        More...