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Patents and Portfolios For Sale:

Pen-One Biometrics and Mobile Banking
Description: Capitalize on the growing market for biometric security technologies. This offer is for the sale and assignment of a portfolio containing ten issued US patents, three US design patents, and at least six issued international patents. In addition, five US applications are pending. Approximately sixty-five international patents are also pending in various countries with at least two, in Europe and China, recently receiving claim allowances.
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Sandwave IP Wireless Portfolio (13 Families)
Strategic IP addressing wireless network growth in offered in this portfolio containing four US patents, one Canadian patent, fourteen pending US applications, and ten pending international patents. With immediate and long term licensing potential, the IP assets address infrastructure, operations, and applications in networks using wireless subscriber access to improve the functionality and reliability of the network.
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Back Up Betting (Poker) and Gaming Patents
Capitalize on a lucrative new spectator gaming opportunity with this IP portfolio containing one US patent and two US patent applications. The IP assets address the compelling new idea of terminal-based “back up” betting on tournament card games. When tournament poker stars make a bet, audience members may wager on the same game, too, or on multiple games. These novel inventions leverage existing play, enable novices to participate in high-stakes tournaments without large bankrolls, and ignite new sources of revenue for the gaming industry.
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New Technologies Available for License:

New Life Sciences Technology
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