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Potential IP Devaluation?
US Supreme Court Agrees
to Hear Microsoft v. i4i

by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
Brian J. Fahey, Esq.

LES Viewpoints (Cover)
Read AmiCOUR's Amicus Curiae
Update IAM Disciplines to Dodge False Marking Trolls
by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
Adrian P. J. Mollo, Esq.

LES Viewpoints (page 4)

Google That Patent?
USPTO And Google Team Up To Make IP Data Accessible

by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
Tony Escobar, MBA
LES Viewpoints (Cover)

New IP in IT:
Gadgets, Widgets, Clouds Portals And Lots Of Sharing

by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
LES Viewpoints (Cover)

Maximum Value at
Minimum Cost

by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
Ray I. Throckmorton, CPA
IAM Magazine

Price Your Case:
Expected Value Calculations
in  Patent Litigation

by J; Scott Bechtel, CLP
Ray I. Throckmorton, CPA
Les Nouvelles

Infrared Optoelectronics
Devices and Applications

by J. Scott Bechtel
William Nunley
Marcel Dekker

Royalty Audit Checklist
by Ray Throckmorton, CPA

We are proud to honor the world's inventors...

Have you ever wondered how the inventions you use every day came about, which ones change the world, or whether famous celebrities ever patent their ideas? These one minute videos offer inspirational and entertaining information about the world's inventors and their famous inventions.

Successfully commercializing a great idea is never easy, and our featured inventors often faced enormous legal, political, or competitive challenges before they ultimately succeeded.  Many of the inventions in our videos are used everyday, but it never started out that way.

At AmiCOUR IP Group, we are dedicated to helping inventors and patent owners succeed. A great idea is only a beginning.  Let our professionals help with the rest.

Our research team rolled up their sleeves to find the real stories behind some of the most famous inventors and their patents. We are proud to honor the world's inventors with our interesting and informative INVENTainment videos:

Samuel Hopkins Making Potash view
Orville Wright The Airplane view
Thomas Edison The Light Bulb view
Alexander G. Bell The Telephone view
Felix Hoffmann Aspirin view
Frank Epperson The Popsicle & More view
Douglas Engelbart Computer Mouse view
Chester Greenwood Earmuffs & More view
Harry Houdini Safer Diving Suit view
Guglielmo Marconi Radio view
John Holland The Submarine view
Alva Fisher Electric Washing Machine view
Zeppo Marx Pulse Alarm view
Michael Jackson Anti-gravity Illusion view
Robert Jarvik Artificial Heart view
Marlin Brando Auto-tuning Drum view
Jamie Lee Curtis Pocket Baby Diaper view
Hedy Lamarr Torpedo Control view
Mark Twain Self-pasting Scrap Book view
Nancy Johnson Ice Cream Churn view
Roy Plunkett Teflon view
Joshua Lionel Cohen Electric Trains & More view
George Ferris Ferris Wheel view
Jesse Reno Escalator view
Joseph Henry Electric Doorbell view
William Potts Traffic Light view
William Spicer Night Vision Goggles view
Les Paul Electric Guitar view
Albert Ballin Cruise Ship view
Ted Hoff Microprocessor view
Melin & Knerr Hula Hoop view
Ed Headrick Frisbee view
Louis Glass The Jukebox view
Robert Cade Gatorade view
Charles Boole Boolean Algebra view
John Fleming Electron Tube view
Frank Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine view

Special Features

Pen Technology Then and Now view
Pitless Adaptor Safe Drinking Water view
Gasoline Retailing Ahead of Its Time view
Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Engines view