AmiCOUR IP Group Introduces You To Its Leadership
Scott Bechtel, CLP
 Tony Escobar, CPA

Art Cohen, MBA

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Update IAM Disciplines to Dodge False Marking Trolls
by J. Scott Bechtel
Adrian P. J. Mollo, Esq.

LES Viewpoints (page 4)

Google That Patent?
USPTO And Google Team Up To Make IP Data Accessible

by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
Tony Escobar, MBA
LES Viewpoints

New IP in IT:
Gadgets, Widgets, Clouds Portals And Lots Of Sharing

by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
LES Viewpoints

Maximum Value at
Minimum Cost

by J. Scott Bechtel, CLP
Ray I. Throckmorton, CPA
IAM Magazine

Price Your Case:
Expected Value Calculations
in  Patent Litigation

by J; Scott Bechtel, CLP
Ray I. Throckmorton, CPA
Les Nouvelles

Infrared Optoelectronics
Devices and Applications

by J. Scott Bechtel
William Nunley
Marcel Dekker

Royalty Audit Checklist
by Ray Throckmorton, CPA

Photo of J. Scott Bechtel, CEO, AmiCOUR IP Group, LLCJ. Scott Bechtel, CLP, MSIA
Managing Partner and Co-founder

Scott delivers the unique blend of scientific, business, and patent experience deemed vital for success directing intellectual property consulting projects.  Scott began mentoring others with patentable ideas in 1999 following a successful high technology corporate and entrepreneurial career.  He understands how to effectively transform great ideas into commercial success, and how to protect strategic IP assets.   Read full bio.

Photo of Tony Escobar, Executive Vice President, AmiCOUR IP Group, LLCTony Escobar, MBA
Executive Vice President

Tony is a finance executive with over 15 years of experience licensing software and information assets. He has negotiated multiple and complex strategic relationships. Tony has developed and sold software and data products, and participated in successful licensing-related arbitration and mediation. He developed financial models to accurately measure damages and generate an outstanding outcome for the prevailing party.   Read full bio.

Photo of Tony Escobar, Executive Vice President, AmiCOUR IP Group, LLCArt Cohen, MBA
Executive Vice President

Art is a successful inventor, product futurist, and e
ntrepreneur who started his early career with Apple Computer, Inc. and founded audio consumer products company Aerielle, Inc. in 2001. He served as CEO and President of Aerielle through 2009 and holds numerous design and utility patents related to audio, software and hardware products. He is widely known for commercializing the popular miniature FM transmitters used with portable music players. Read full bio.

AmiCOUR IP Group Partner Program: 

Dwight C. OlsonDwight Olson, CLP
Managing Director,
AmiCOUR IP Brokering Group, and Principal, V3Data

Dwight C. Olson is a Certified Licensing Professional and Founder of V3Data.  As part of the Partner Program, he serves as AmiCOUR’s Managing Director leading the company’s premier brokering and licensing services. He has worked with AmiCOUR since its inception, helping to assure clients of a successful brokering experience.  Mr. Olson was Vice President at Iron Mountain and was founder and Vice Chairman of Data Securities International (DSI) acquired by Iron Mountain Inc. the world’s largest record management company. He is currently Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc (CLP), a former President of the Licensing Executives Society (LES)served as chair of LES and LESI information technology and Internet committees. Read full bio.