AmiCOUR IP Group F.R.E. 702 Experts and Consultants


Price Your Case:
Expected Value Calculations
in  Patent Litigation

by J; Scott Bechtel, CLP
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Experts on Damages, Science, and Technology

AmiCOUR IP provides consultants and testifying experts for high stakes patent and trademark litigation.  On occasion, we also provide consultation and experts for other types of litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Tony Escobar, MBA leads our expert and damages practice. Mr Escobar has developed financial models to accurately measure damages and generate an outstanding outcome for the prevailing party. Tony understands how to value intellectual property assets and the damages resulting from infringement, and more importantly, how to articulate that value in terms that make sense.

AmiCOUR IP delivers consulting subject matter experts in science, engineering, and technology areas for a wide variety of patent disputes.  We also provide technical consultation before cases are filed, including assistance with Rule 11 determinations.  AmiCOUR IP supports its experts  and consultants with research capabilities, special software, laboratory resources, and a complete portfolio of publication tools and graphics arts resources.  It is not unusual for serious license negotiations to commence shortly after delivery of an AmiCOUR report, often before a complaint is even filed.

Our F.R.E. 702 testifying experts have access to the same renowned professional resources as our case consultants.  When testimony is required, we support our experts with appropriate preparation resources, and, if needed, compelling courtroom demonstratives, sometimes including actual hardware or even simple animations to help fact finders visualize important technology elements.

AmiCOUR IP Expert and Engineering Reports

AmiCOUR IP engineering and scientific experts prepare several types of reports, including expert reports for case submission. Our scientific and engineering products include information based reports, which detail the examination of research results (including discovery evidence), and investigative reports, which detail laboratory findings (and discovery evidence).   More...